Marketview Nov 16, 2020

Track your investments with Google Sheets.

Marketview is a Google app to track investments by pulling real-time financial data into Google Sheets.

Investors can track the value of all US stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies in their portfolio while monitoring their potential investments simultaneously.

By having the information they need all in one place, investors can take full control of their investment portfolio and make better decisions.



➤ 2500+ financial assets supported: US stocks, ETFs, and the most popular cryptocurrencies
➤ Returns real-time data, historical data, and price charts
➤ Fundamental, technical, and performance indicators available
➤ Quick and easy to set up: as simple as =MARKETVIEW(A1, "price")
➤ Formula Builder to create complex custom functions in a few clicks
➤ Auto-update of real-time data every 60 minutes
➤ Unlimited data calls/day for every user


WEBSITE : https://market-view.net
CONTACT US : chat@market-view.net

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