Mage Jul 04, 2022

Own your medical records

A secure platform for managing and sharing medical records putting patients in control.
Our product, to summarise, is a digital book for one's medical records, intended to create ease and continuity between medical appointments in sharing medical history and getting results from hospitals. Like.a medical passport, the hospital can look at the pages with the patient's permission and can stamp the passport, but the patient keeps a complete record.
Additionally the data is encrypted on the cloud, and Mage's employees can not read it.
Our efforts however exceed this one goal. The product extends to:
- Verification of medical insurance and Certification of immunisations.
- Distributed clinical studies when patients volunteer their medical data.
- Insurance scoring to give customised better health plans
- Telemedicine with online appointments and ordering prescribed medication
- Monitoring baby health and tracking immunisations.

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