Lofty AI Jan 13, 2020

We use artificial intelligence to predict real estate prices

We're a Y Combinator-backed real estate startup using alternative data to predict property appreciation.

Our A.I. leverages data such as restaurant review patterns, french bulldog populations, ride-sharing wait times, Airbnb prices, satellite imagery & more to predict property appreciation with extremely high accuracy.

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Max Ball

Hello StartupBase! :)

My name is Max & I'm a co-founder at Lofty AI. We're a Y Combinator-backed real estate startup using A.I. to predict property appreciation.

We've found that most real estate investors make decisions based on gut feeling, local knowledge, and lagging indicators. Our goal is to help people be more data-driven when they're making big investment decisions.

We use very unconventional, real-time data to make our predictions, including:

- Restaurant review patterns
- French bulldog population increases (more geotagged frenchie posts on Instagram = wealthier population moving to the area 🐶 = higher future prices)
- Airbnb prices
- Ride-sharing wait times
- Influencer trend patterns on social media
- Millennial preferences
- Satellite imagery
- Much more...

Our A.I. works. In January 2019, our A.I. selected 1,363 properties for our walk-forward test. Fast forward to today, our properties appreciated over 33% (weighted average) -- over 10x more than the market average.

We've been selling our data to large real estate institutions for the past year, but we just launched our new consumer product that helps real estate investors find undervalued properties primed for rapid appreciation. If you're interested, you can learn more on our website -- https://www.lofty.ai/

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Max Ball
Co-Founder @ Lofty AI

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