Kerika May 22, 2023

Task management with a great UX that works beautifully with Google Apps.

Kerika is a task management tool that offers a user-friendly interface that works with Google Apps. Kerika’s boards are completely flexible and scalable, so every project can be set up just the way you need.

An account can include any number of boards, each board with its own workflow and team, and these boards can get as large as needed.

Users can create boards from scratch or use a process template to get started faster. Users can even create their own custom templates, to capture their organization’s standard practices.

Kerika integrates beautifully with Google Workspace: users can sign up with their Google IDs and their project files are stored in their own Google Drive, where they remain under the user’s control for maximum privacy and security. (This is a specially popular feature for IT folks!)

Users can even create new Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Forms from inside Kerika, and have them attached to their boards automatically.

From the very beginning Kerika was to focus on the needs of teams that are spread out, right across the world. Due dates, for example, are automatically adjusted to reflect each user’s current timezone, so there’s never any argument about when "today" ends.

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