How nice is ...? Sep 28, 2019

Global Niceness Mapping and Rating

We started with mapping and rating Niceness concept, the concept of heat maps of Niceness on a micro and macro scale. Maps readable with one look to anyone, no reading, no language barriers or age restrictions...

We will map and rate countries, cities, regions, streets, etc. BUT we will also map and rate - rivers, mountains, trees, rocks, cliffs, windows, facades, doors, pavements, balconies...

The world will be mapped by You.

By rating, you are mapping what is nice or not nice and you are editing the map of Niceness in the real-time. At the same time, you are creating your personal map that you could share with anybody you want.
You are rating your current location, your personal feeling of the place.
Using AI maps will be personalized to match specific personal preferences. There will be no one map – there will be a countless number of maps.

A map is from Humans to Humans - using the latest technologies.

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How Startup

I am an artist and aesthetic values are the most important values for me. A need to change the world, in my case to make it Nicer is common to everyone, but what tools do we have?

I want to make digital tools that can help us make the world a nicer place and I want to digitalize core social processes in the field of common aesthetics and quality of life. I want to bridge the gap between decision-makers, domain experts, academics, architects, planners on one side and the general public (common people) on the other side.

I divided these digital tools into 3 major groups.
1. Have your say.
2. Personal footprint on Niceness.
3. Do something about it.

I started working on mapping and rating Niceness concept, creating a heat map of Niceness on a micro and macro scale. Map readable with one look, no reading, no language barriers or age restrictions...

The map would stimulate us to do something about Niceness of the area we live in, but the map would also help us in everyday decisions, where to walk, where to run, where to go for holidays, etc.
It would also help us in making big decisions like moving, buying a home or investing in real estate.

Budimir Knežević / Founder & CEO

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