Gyfted Jun 17, 2022

Remote job matching tailored to you

Hiring is often biased and companies look for candidates with education from prestigious universities or previous work history at well known companies. At Gyfted, we strive to eliminate bias from hiring and let your personality and skills shine. This way you can find an excellent job even if you don’t have experience from a fancy institution. Gyfted will help you find a job at an organization that appreciates you for who you are and where you just β€œfit”. After taking our assessments your personality profile will be created allowing you to apply to thousands of companies instead of taking 100 interviews at 100 organisations. Your results will be pseudonymous - we don’t even ask for your surname, race, gender etc. to further eliminate bias from hiring. You will also receive meaningful feedback on your personality traits which you can use as a self-development tool to better understand yourself and share your results with others.

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