GoSynco Jun 08, 2017

Capture raw moments of you and your friends simultaneously in a fun collage

Having a birthday party where some of your friends or family cannot be present?
Or just thinking of your loved ones and want to capture this moment as you and they are living it?
GoSynco builds a fun collage from simultaneously shared moments of you and your friends in a quick, easy and fun way.
Any time you want to capture a raw, random or special moment, just start a synco.
1. You choose your group that you either created yourself or were invited to.
2. Take a picture or selfie and add a short caption with what you’re doing at the moment. For example:
“Celebrating my birthday party. Wish you guys were here!”
“Just chilling at the beach and thinking of you.”
3. Others in your group get 5 minutes to respond with their picture or selfie and caption with what they are doing at the moment. For example:
“Happy Birthday, I wish I could be there with you.”
“Lucky you! :) I’m still working in the office.”
4. When the 5 minutes is up or everybody in the group responded, GoSynco builds a collage and sends it to every group member. Just to make sure everybody remembers this shared moment; each collage is stamped with the exact time and date.

No likes, no comments, no social approval. Only fun and raw photo collages.

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