GetBusy Aug 14, 2017

Talk to your team & customers, with all the tools you need to get work done

If you're like most modern workers, your file organisation is a nightmare, email is still a necessarily email (despite promises from many to kill this), threads are all over the place, you use multiple tools, you lose information all the time.

GetBusy promises to organise your work, and communicate with your team and customers. It’s everything you need to get work done.

A suite of built-in productivity features will power your day and naturally organise your life: Event Scheduling, Tasks, Signatures & Approvals, Online Document Management, Quotes, Invoices, Automation, Reporting.

Streamline your administration, finally stop using email, automatically file documents, access your work remotely with better security, engage with your customers using best practice communication methods, and get helpful reports and statistics to improve your productivity.

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πŸ’¬ Discussion

AT ⚑️

Interesting product, would love to give it a try πŸ‘

How are you different than already available solutions?

Matthew Butler

@attacomsian thank you for the support! Can't wait for you to give it a go!

We're bits of various systems. Think Slack, but with external email, and a focus on better file & threads organisation. Then elements of a document management system, a cloud storage system, event scheduling system, quotes/invoices, task management etc.

The hope is that blending all these things together will minimise the need for administration, so you can focus on your work, and naturally organise without having to think about it. We want to avoid people getting lost in information chaos, or having to use multiple tools/integrations.

It's bits of a lot of familiar things, put together in a unique way.

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