Full Picture Nov 08, 2020

Integrate Wordpress with 11+ tracking tools, GTM and a cookie notice

Full Picture is a WordPress plugin that let's you:

1. integrate your site with 11 tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Hotjar and more
2. connect even more tools with GTM
3. track users actions, forms, events, conversions, timing events, and more
4. show cookie notice in countries that require it (with geolocation, full opt-in and opt-out - you choose)

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πŸ’¬ Discussion

Chris Planeta

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to share with you the news about my Wordpress plugin that I worked 10 months on.

Feedback, questions, words of praise or critique are all very welcome.

My goal is to make the best Wordpress plugin for integrating tracking scripts & for cookie notice. I hope you can help me make this idea work. Please upvote if you like the idea of this plugin and subscribe to Early Access to get your free PRO licence (in exchange for feedback ;)).

Have a great day!

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