Freddy Feedback Jun 23, 2020

Get feedback, move forward

Freddy Feedback is a tool to get feedback from your customers on your website. You can use it to get feedback on your product, features, pricing, blogposts, FAQs, docs and more.

And we designed it to be different from other feedback tools.

First, it's focussed 🎯. That means you get a simple and powerful tool with high response limits, for a low price. Second, we got tired of outdated designs with weird looking emojis 🥴. Freddy's designs look super fresh ✨! Lastly, we never show a 'Powered by' label. Yes, such a label would be good for our growth, but the widget is on your website shown to your customers, and that's what's most important.

That's how Freddy helps you get feedback and move forward!

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Freddy Feedback

Freddy here :-). The description above and our website have all the information, but if you have any questions just pop them in here or send an email to hello@freddyfeedback.com.

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