Evex Aug 30, 2021

A Smart Video Marketing Engagement Platform built for Virtual Selling.

Evex is an all-in-one platform to help you build and grow your brand/business by building real connections with your audiences using smart intelligence.

Currently, marketing teams use multiple tools to manage a single webinar/event which is expensive, time consuming and difficult to scale😰.
With Evex, marketers can organize, promote, and host great virtual events all from an end-to-end platform. It also allows you to engage audiences and capture actionable insights with ease.

It provides all the tools needed to reduce your time managing the webinar such as
1. Creating custom lead pages
2. Sending automated emails and reminders
3. Hosting engaging live events with integrated chat, polls, and Q&A
4. Running automated recorded sessions
5. Getting actionable Insights to improve lead conversion
6. Having a holistic view of audience intel through automation

Evex offers hassle free, no download, browser-based, mobile-friendly experience for the audiences

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