Eventssion Jul 19, 2018

Eventssion is an app to organize events and spend time with friends

We are the world of interests, points of view, and communities. We build tremendous AI-backed tools. And nothing really good to help us gather so far. Nothing that is convenient. Until now.
Eventssion can help you solve one of the biggest problems of our lives – lack of time for friends and family. We spend more and more time working and on social media instead of enjoying free time with the close ones. Organizing events has always been troublesome and tiresome. But not anymore.
Eventssion is designed to make the task of planning simple and enjoyable. Having considered all pain points of gathering people together, we packed it with the tools that help users to organize events and parties, send invitations and collect feedback from the invitees. You’ll instantly see who wants to join in on the fun and who prefers to have a calm evening at home. Invite friends and plan your next party or adventure. Or if you are a business person, organize meetings with your partners and customers. Timely reminders instantly notify about changes in plans. You and your guests won’t be late or miss a thing.

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