DucklingSales Mar 27, 2021

Craft the best decision trees for free

DucklingSales is a software that helps to create and execute decision trees.
It's basically a decision tree software for sales scripts, client support teams, production lines and etc. People can build trees and then invite salespeople to make cold calls for example, or support team to resolve tickets and etc

The main intention behind it was that all competitors cost A LOT of money. Basically, everyone in the niche sells decision trees for 25 per user, which is crazy for small- or medium-sized businesses.

So we tackled the problem by building a really cheap back-end with golang. And now we can offer this service for free, altho it's MVP and there are not much features in it still, so we don't have paid plans, but we probably will have it for costly features such as uploads and email messages right from the dashboard.
Which types of problems can be solved by the decision tree?
Value of the decision tree: expert staff cost minimization, process automation, minimization of computation errors, factor consolidation in a single repository, transparent decision making process, effective use of the work hours

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