Checklisty Apr 27, 2022

Reward user behaviour and create engaging in-product experiences for SaaS

Checklisty is a Gamified User Onboarding Software for PLG SaaS to engage your users with incentives, see where they dropped off and get them back.


- Create an onboarding checklist using our visual editor, connect your onboarding tasks, set conditional triggers and publish

- Micro returns are a great way to keep customers engaged. Motivate them with trial extension, discount on your payment plan, unlock an extra feature, give them extra storage and increase their chance of conversion

- Add in-app help anywhere. Increase onboarding speed and get your customers to complete the checklist as fast as they can. Use video tutorials to reduce customer support tickets

- Measure drop-off rates and points in the customer journey, allowing you to create targeted incentives and to get them back by integrating with your favourite messaging tool or retarget them with google/Fb ads

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