Centa: Food Tracker Jan 09, 2024

Nutrition & Calorie Counter in 40 Languages, and guess what else?

Centa is a developer's attempt to build the best health tracking app out there, here are some of the pain points I'm trying to solve for good:

1. language barrier, I've gathered over 3 million foods from all around the world and translated every name, nutrition info and ingredients to over 40 languages. search in your own mother tongue to find the food you eat! no more language barriers.
2. only what you care about: instead of throwing tons of data and charts, Centa provides widgets, toggle and reorder them, so you only see what you want to see.

* There's an upcoming AI-Powered Dietary restriction detector, planned for Feb 2024. it's gonna be the biggest feature of this app, basically scans every record you're adding, using AI to detect if it has something that you said you're allergic to (eggs, nuts, lactose, ...), or prefer not to eat (vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher, ...), and gives you a heads-up if needed.

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