Bubbl May 19, 2017

Find the influencers your competitors can't.

Enter Bubbl, a low-cost influencer marketing platform for startups and bloggers alike. Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly valuable part of any marketing campaign, except the tools needed to do so are expensive. High prices make it tough for early stage businesses to utilize influencer marketing platforms so we're here to help!

Bubbl is a tool brands can use to find, connect and communicate with influencers relevant to their niche. Our social search tool allows you to quickly find influencers who drive sales. Simply enter keywords relevant to your niche, select the influencers most impactful for your brand and message them through our outreach tool. Influencer marketing has never been this easy!

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I thought it would be a good way to find influencers, but instead it focus on managing them. Finding is still as hard as was previously (or easy, depending on your market). I don't see know it could be easier also, but I thought that maybe Bubble knew.

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