Barrax AI Nov 30, 2023

The Ultimate AI Toolkit. Create content with the latest AI models.

Work smarter, not harder, with generative AI.

✔️ AI COPYWRITING. Create engaging, SEO optimised copy in seconds. Perfect for long-form content, social media, marketing & customer communication.

✔️ AI VOICE GENERATOR. Turn text into life-like speech with Barrax's powerful AI voice generator, powered by the best AI language models. Choose from 100+ languages & 1000+ voices.

✔️ SPEECH TO TEXT. Create accurate transcriptions of audio files or live recorded speech instantly.

✔️ AI IMAGE GENERATOR. Craft striking visuals without the need for design experience. Pit the latest AI models against each other to see which can produce the best result.

✔️ AI CHAT ASSISTANT. Converse with multiple AI Models. Get the heavy lifting done with Open AI's GPT 4, then switch halfway to a model that uses fewer credits like Google Bison for follow up questions.

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