Ausum Jul 04, 2021

Automatically summarize any text into audio in one click.

Ausum is a free online tool that takes your long articles and generates short-form audio summaries, with just one click.

When you find an article you want to summarize, just click the bookmark and Ausum will generate an audio summary, instantly. Feel free to download or share your summaries.

No Sign-Up Required: getting an audio summary is always a click away.
Avoid Ads: avoid all the distractions and annoying ads on the article, with a better, cleaner experience
Instant Smart Summaries: smart summarization technology ensures you get the most important, accurate highlights of any story.
Save Time: with audio, you’re free to do other tasks, listen while walking, or deep-diving the web.
Download Audio Summaries: all your articles so you could listen anytime, anywhere
Natural Voice: high-quality text-to-speech technology, for a natural listening experience.
Share: share summaries with others.

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