AppointMesh Jun 20, 2017

We automate setting up meetings.

Coordinating multiple busy schedules to find a time to meet is a pain. Existing solutions range from insufficient to awkward to just convoluted, but none of them does the trick, and most people end up just using email to set up meetings.

Our goal is to provide the simplest, and easiest way to set an appointment and Appointmesh achieves that by automatically setting up meetings between any number of people with the click of a button.

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💬 Discussion

Daria Kornilova

HI! The company I work with https://startupbase.io/startups/sharingxchange-2 uses WebEx, how is your product different?

Atta ⚡️

Does it integrate with Google Calendar?

Christopher Podlaski

@attacomsian It integrates with all main calendars. Google, Apple, Outlook, Exchange, Office365 for now.

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