AnyTrack Dec 08, 2021

Conversion Tracking & Attribution, Simplified.

AnyTrack is a conversion tracking and attribution platform that enables digital marketers to improve their marketing ROI by automatically streamlining their conversion data across their entire marketing and tech stack.

# AnyTrack helps marketers promoting:

- eCommerce websites
- Lead generation funnels
- Affiliate marketers / comparison websites
- Info businesses

# AnyTrack platform

- API integration with with any conversion sources (ecommerce, CRM, affiliate networks).
- API Integration with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Taboola, Outbrain and more.
- Integrates with third party platforms via Zapier, Integromat

# AnyTrack "magic" features

- AutoTrack any tech / marketing stack
- Aggregates first party data
- AutoTag forms, product links for cross domain funnels
- AnyTrack is a single line of code that plays its magic, in real-time.

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