Amialive Sep 27, 2021

Simple HTTP client and collaboration tool

Amialive is a visual HTTP client that allows developers to build and design APIs from a simple interface and synchronize the data across devices.

💯 Configure request
Define your own headers, params, body and formats for your requests. Change them whenever you need it, painlessly.

🔎 Inspect responses
Make calls to your APIs and see the raw response, the status code and the time it takes to process. See the entire request life cycle on the timeline.

🔄 Synchronize across devices
Would you like to backup your data? Or maybe access it from a different device? That will be easy! Just log in to your account and we'll keep it everything in sync!

👯 Collaborate with your teammates
Join your team and build your API collaboratively. The changes you make will be visible to your teammates, and vice-versa. Stay up to date :)

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