All Quiet Apr 10, 2023

Incident Management and Escalation App 📱

All Quiet is an incident escalation platform focusing on alerting through native push notifications. It's the leaner alternative to PagerDuty.

📱 Don't lose alerts. We believe that crucial incidents need to have a dedicated context. Alerts sent out through Slack or Email can often be overlooked in those channels. That's why All Quiet notifications are app only.
🔔 Have a great morning! 🥐 You won't wake up to a screaming phone because All Quiet focuses on native push notifications that just work well! We will magically remove your notifications from your phone once an incident was resolved.

🤷 Let your team enjoy the weekends with our simple auto escalation rules. We only notify those who are part of the current escalation level. Learn more about why calm teams are productive teams.

🧩 Use the tools you know and love. You will be able to connect every observability tool to our platform. Our dynamic integrations enable easy mapping of all of your incidents data into All Quiet. So you can see all relevant info in the All Quiet platform like incident's source, type, affected servers. You name it. It's all dynamic!

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