ABtesting.ai Mar 29, 2021

Skyrocket your conversion rates on autopilot (using GPT-3)

ABtesting.ai uses Artificial Intelligence to create, combine and test different variations of headlines, copies, calls to action and Images, to find the best fit for your audience, increasing conversions and reducing costs.

We encountered the issue that all the tools for landing page A/B testing were too difficult to understand or too time-consuming (designing, splitting traffic, measuring, repeating).

So we decided to make A/B testing accessible for everyone. Make it so, if you don’t have time or experience, you can still professionally optimize the landing page of your business for conversions.

We wanted something that you can set up and forget about it, knowing that it’ll constantly optimize your website searching for the right fit for your audience.

This is why we included AI into the mix, allowing us to make the A/B testing process simple, speedy, constant and accurate, all at the same time.

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