A force of one Jun 30, 2021

one place for freelancers to create the ultimate profile

A force of one, https://www.aforceof.one, is the one place where freelancers can create, share and control their ultimate, professional digital self, that will enable freelancers to present their professional digital identity for more and better opportunities. A place, where information is verified, collected and reviewed and you as a freelancer are in control and decide who you share your information with. Companies, agencies, personal network etc. Using a force of one saves freelancers a lot of time in creating and maintaining only one perfect profile with interchangeable recommendations, verified skills, education and experience which is set-up in a way it works best for different kind of freelancers and different kind of jobs and projects. When you are a designer, your portfolio is more important than your working experience, and when you’re a software developer, your hard skills are more important. And only the freelancer decides who sees what kind of information.

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