SympoQ Apr 22, 2019

Automate customer service and support activities from a single hub

SympoQ transforms customer support from using separate email inboxes to a robust support system that keeps customers informed and in control of their issues. The built-in categorization and assignment forms allow agents to take requests and assign them to the right functional area or named agents to follow-up. It can be used as a back-end support ticket software or as a front-end, full-featured help desk system.

The back end features allow customers and agents to submit and track support tickets by a common email service without ever knowing what's behind the scene. Each arrived email message, whether a new message or a reply is transparently stored into the ticket database.

When used as a front-end helpdesk system, both customers and agents can access a dedicated portal with a custom designed layout, options, and data required to manage requests and tickets according to their roles and permissions.

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