Snoop Technologies Inc Sep 22, 2017

Snoop is a video Q&A platform to know more about your hobbies and interests

What is Snoop?
Snoop is where you learn more about your hobbies and interests by asking the right person in the field. The influencers/experts set a price(can be free) for taking a question. The user asks a question to a designated expert in text and the expert records a video up to 60 seconds to answer the question. Both the user and the expert get a cut when another user unlocks the answer in his/her newsfeed.

What can you do?
If you are an expert in your field, bring in your social media followers and start monetizing your expertise. You can set a small price for taking a question from your fans and answer the request within 48 hours. You will collect 50% of the proceeds.

What can we do to help you?
For early content creation, we can treat influencers like you as contractors who get paid based on the contents you create. We can work with you to select topics of your interest and of popular interests and create contents collaboratively. Details can be negotiated in face-to-face conversation.

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