Qounter Oct 19, 2019

Earn, share & give cash along with your friends

Qounter will create a new value stream and global consumption model, by adapting cashback technology to the way we already love to shop: with our friends and for our favorite cause.

A new value stream and global consumption model is generated by unlocking a large, existing source that funds and incentivizes the way that many of us already shop: online, offline and with friends.

How :Qounter works:
Our platform seamlessly integrates thousands of major online merchants, retailers and charities from across the globe. These merchants have extensive, existing promotional programs, including lucrative cash back incentives that drive millions of transactions per day. While current cash back providers provide consumers with cash back incentives, the majority require the users to earn points, gift cards, etc in an effort to increase their margins through breakage. Due to these tactics, Millenials have avoided these companies.

With this in mind, we have designed a simple, social-friendly platform! With :Qounter, you simply earn Cash for every purchase made online or offline through a :Qounter merchant. (Thousands of major and boutique retailers are available today on the :Qounter network) Since we removed all of the tricks, our

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